Xballa is an intelligent supply chain which integrates production and marketing, we have a strong ability to deliver customized uniforms. In order to develop the brand and provide Xballa high-quality products and services to more customers, we are now starting an offline agent recruitment plan.

If you know someone who can get benefited, please share this page link with them or this link:https://www.xballa.com/pages/contact-us

  • No need to hoard goods, we can send them out for you

  • We don't charge a deposit.

  • We have a professional team helping you to resolve various problems, including providing designs, mock-ups, placing order services, after-sales services, etc.

  • Part-time and full-time are both welcomed.

  • Exclusive Sponsorship/ discounted pricing on your sports wear.

  • Setting-up an exclusive store with custom designs.

  • Commission on sales on our products.


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