We offer a full range of custom apparel and accessories. All garments are fully sublimated, allowing us to deliver the 100% custom look that you want without our garments cracking, peeling, fading, or warping over the life of the garment.

 We work with all of our customers to create a uniform package that fits their budget, their style, and their players. When you place an order, we work together as a team.

 Sublimation is a process where all of the decoration is dyed directly into the fabric, giving you a wide range of color options for each part of the uniform. All of the uniforms on our site with “Sublimated” in the name are sublimated.As many logos/graphics that you want on your jersey, front and/or back player number, player name, etc. Literally everything is included in our pricing.

 *Semi-custom items, non-sublimated items (such as hats, socks, and bat packs) have specific minimums needed every time they are ordered. 

 We also carry many stock uniforms in a wide variety of styles and colors for you to choose from. These uniforms are already cut and dyed before your order is placed, meaning that they generally ship more quickly than sublimated uniforms, but the base color options are more limited.

 To make sure you order the right sizes for your players, you can review the size charts found at the bottom of each individual product page .

 As questions come up from you and your team, Email us at official@xballa.com, or hop into our live chat on any page of our site. A knowledgeable rep will be able to answer your questions and guide you through the process.

 Once the order is started, you’ll receive an Order Form Confirmation within 1-2 business days to approve all the order details written out. For orders with decorated items, we’ll send formal art proofs to approve within 3-5 business days after that. We never print anything without your approval.


 We understand that changes are a fact of life in team sports. So, once you have placed your order, you have 24 hours to review it and make any changes you need.  Changes made after that time may impact the production schedule and the cost depending upon the timing and the specific changes.  But we’ll work with you to do the best we can to accommodate your needs.

 Unfortunately, we are not able to accept any order changes once artwork has been approved.


 All of our custom made products are created fully or in part based on information specific to each individual customer thus have no resell value. As a result, we will NOT ACCEPT the return of such products. In such case, please make your claim within 10 days of receiving your products by emailing us at: support@xblla.com and attach the photos of products as well as proof of purchase.


 We accept order cancellation within 24 hours after the order is placed. Normally, after 24 hours, your order will start to design and produce. We will not accept the return of custom products unless they are damaged upon arrival. In such a case, please make your claim within 10 days of receiving your products by emailing us at support@xblla.com and attach the photos of products as well as proof of purchase.


 We’re able to offer additional volume discounts on many items for orders of 10 or more. Undecorated items must be the same style and color to qualify, and decorated items must also be receiving the same decoration.


 If you have a team emblem (i.e., logo, team name, mascot, etc.) that you love, great! We can likely use it. (We may have to tweak things, but we’ll get you what you’re looking for)

 If you need a new emblem, our art department would be happy to design one for you based on one of the many emblems we have.  You can mix and match from our myriad of options. 

 Artwork can be submitted by e-mail. When you submit your artwork, please include only the images needed to produce your job. This saves you time and spares us from confusion. Also, be sure that you name all your files appropriately (e.g., “Tigers Logo”). Please include your team name in the subject line of the email. Basically, the image should be ready to be reproduced as is.

 NOTE: If you can not send us your artwork, we can create your custom team emblem exactly as you want it to appear; there will, however, be an art charge of $20-30. Our design & production process let’s you review and approve your team’s “artwork” (and or make changes) all along the way. There are no surprises. Just a fantastic design team. For your team.


 You will see artwork for every item in your order that gets decorated!  Expect an emailed artwork proof or proofs within 5-7 business days of placing your order.  We want to make sure you love the look before we move forward with any production.  If you want to make changes to how the emblem or logo looks we’ll work with you to get it the way you want it.

 We don’t move forward until we receive your approval.  This way you get your uniforms exactly as you want them — no surprises!


 While we try to get as close as we can to matching the items in your order in the same color, we just can’t guarantee it. Products from different vendors as well products from the same vendor in different fabrics can be expected to have a color variance. This is likely to happen if you’re placing an order for uniforms with accessories such as bags, caps, visor, socks, etc. and/or coach’s shirts.

 We follow what’s called an “on the field test”.  If the color variance isn’t noticeable when the players are on the field or on the court then we’re good to go.